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God's Work Links


The Hunger Site - FreeRice.org

Donate food and many other things from one click of your mouse no charge to you.



 Listen to sermons online from many well-known preachers from around the world. This is a great site for those who like 
to listen and learn while on the Internet. Visit the site and receive a blessings from these anointed ministers.



This website has Awesome Christian Sites where you can vote for this site & other great ones. Christian search engine, 
directory & voting index. You'll find Bible, chat, churches, jobs, music, reviews, software, theology, & more.


Christians Online

This site has a lot of great information including testimonies, devotionals and much more.


The Way Of The Master

 This is a great website that teaches how to witness effectively. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort run the website.


Christian Research Ministry

This web site has great information concerning other religions that claim the truth and in love show that Christianity is 
the only way to God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. There is much more that is available on this site as well.


Best of Christian Web

This site has many different aspects to surf the web and find what you are looking for.


InTouch Ministries

This is a great website of Charles Stanley Ministries that has many resources for growing in the Christian faith.


Church Listings Worldwide

You can find a church in your area as well as many other blessings at this site.. 


Mission Valley Fellowship

Here you can do online Bible studies as well as learn about other false religions that claim the truth.  This is a great place to visit. 


Relationship With God

This is a Salvation centered site that has great information and resources.


Lakewood Church

If you are looking for online sermons, you will get a great blessing from the Osteen Family. They have 
a church in Houston, Texas which is a blessing to the body of Christ.


The Bible Gateway

This site has the Bible in nine languages which is great for people from other countries. 



This is a great Christian website with a wealth of information. They have many areas for online sermons, movies, and testimonies. 
They have excellent tools for witnessing the Love of Jesus Christ and also people can learn about the Lord and how to have a 
personal relationship with Jesus Christ.