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Joshua's Testimony



I am a 15 year old Christian young man. I love the lord so much. When
I was 5 or so the lord saved me and he has brought me through many hard
trials; I battled depression, nervousness, and the doctors put me on
all kinds of medication such as: Imempermine, Prozac, Effexor, Zoloft, 
and many others, but I want needing those.

Finally we get to when I was 10 at my church I had this Bible and it was 
the right Bible to read but my aunt which was a sinner judged me in the 
church because of my Bible and she said "Your going to hell" and so they 
were praying for people that night and I was baptized in the holy spirit 
and I thank God for that. 

When I was 13, I lost my great grandma and my family was having a war 
with one another and then, in march of 1999 I prayed for snow and when I 
woke up the next morning there was no snow was on the ground and I made 
a foolish mistake. The devil came to me to tempt me to say that God didn't 
exists and I gave in, oh boy was I a fool. The holy Ghost convicted me, 
and I did say lord please forgive me. 

I put up with doubt for a long time and then when I turned 14 my dad came 
back and God took care of some of my problems and then that year my dad 
tried to commit suicide, But I got on my face before God and prayed, and yet
satan came to me and said he was going to die and I rebuked him and went
back to what I was doing. Then praise the lord the following Friday, one
week after he done that I put his name in the prayer box at a Christian
book store and that afternoon my dad called me himself and he got out
and went to Patricia Neil. 

I won victory with the lord, and in the year 2000 my uncle John came 
down with lung cancer and then in august he came down with brain cancer,
and the lord allowed it to go into remission. In October I was finally 
baptized in water the same time as my uncle. He got the cancer back on 
him but the Lord was with him and he had it 14 months almost and Jesus
was always with him. Then this year the week of march 25 the lord moved 
in a mighty way in my church, he wanted me to go to the alter to pray and 
I did, and I prayed for a refilling of the spirit of God and He said to 
walk and I got up and I took off walking around my church and I had a 
wonderful time in the lord. 

Finally we get to the day I am writing this testimony, This morning the 
devil came to me and said to deny God again, and I said I cant satan Jesus 
has done so much for me and then I prayed and I commanded satan to go and 
he did and I am glad. Well in all of this I am thankful to the lord that 
he has blessed me in a mighty way I know I am fully not up to his standards 
yet but I am fighting for the mark in Christ. and I just say praise the 
Lord in whom we serve

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