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A Death Brought Repentance



My testimony may seem to unbelievers as very inhuman but the fact is, my
father's death brought about my repentance and it worked out for good. I
loved my father above anyone else. To be honest, he was an idol to me. I'm
not saying it's not good to love a parent but putting one above God or even
ones children is. 

My father wasn't a Christian but he was loving, generous and kind. He did 
have a temper and he also drank quite a bit. The point is, it wasn't until 
he died that I realized how empty and alone I felt. I'd been into the drug 
and alcohol scene. I did whatever made me feel good to hide the emptiness 
I'd felt. I felt loved by my father but there was an empty space in my heart. 
That was the space that only Jesus Christ could fill. We all have this and 
like me, many try drugs, alcohol, sex, rock music, etc. to fill it. It is, 
of course, futile.

Shortly after my father died, I dreamed about my children. I heard the loud,
booming voice of Satan telling me that my children were his. I knew after I
awakened that if I didn't accept Christ as my savior that my children would
be eternally lost because of my love of one person over them and the Lord
Jesus Christ. 

I prayed the prayer of repentance and have followed Him ever since. It's 
been a long, hard road I've traveled since then but well worth it. Knowing 
Him and having the peace and security of His magnificent love and grace are 
the best gifts I've ever been given! My heart is filled now. 

Don't allow anything or anybody to become an idol. Only Jesus Christ can 
give you the very best! 

In Christ Jesus, 
Mrs. P. Robinson



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