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God Protected Me


I was in line at the Welfare Office. I was next in line. A hobo came up 
from behind me and put his arms around my sides and placed his hands on 
the wall to trap me. He was behind me and he trapped me. He spoke no 
words. I was terrified and I froze. In my mind I prayed "God Help Me!". 

Instantly I shouted to the top of my lungs the word "Don't". When I 
shouted I felt a thrust of power come from deep within me. I never even 
thought of saying that; it just flew out of my mouth. The man released me 
and when I turned to see where he went, all I could see was the heals of 
shoes running so fast out of the room as if he was terrified. 

I had a smile on my face that was so huge! I couldn't believe how God 
reacted so quickly when I needed Him! I cried out and God answered me and 
protected me. This has changed me so much. 

I know I can call on Jesus and He's here for me. 

Thank you Lord for everything.


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