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Rhonda Radandt's Testimony



My family and I have been in financial distress for quite some time. My parents and I wanted to attend a miracle crusade being held in Seattle, WA in August of 1997. My parents offered to pay the expenses for the trip to Seattle if I could just get to them. (I live in WI and they are in MT.) We all prayed that if it was His will for me to attend, that He provide the needed money to get there. Within the same week, I started receiving child support checks. It isn't as simple as that - I haven't received child support for 14 years and the state had been collecting for quite some time but hadn't sent any to me. The same week that we were praying for the Lord to provide, I received 33 checks in the mail in one day! Praise His name! The total of the 33 checks was over $2227.00! The following day there were 19 more checks totalling over $1000.00 more! Halleluia! I was able to go with my parents AND pay bills that were severely overdue! There were 62 checks in all before I left for Montana and they still come each week now. 

Now you know, that when the Lord works in your life, Satan tries to stop it... 

Satan tried to stop me from getting to Montana. Suffice it to say that it took much longer to fly the 1500 miles than it would have taken to drive! (A 3 hour flight that took a day and a half!) BUT, by the grace of God, I got there! (AFTER flying to Minneapolis on a different airline than I was originally supposed to, staying overnight in a hotel at the airlines expense, actually flying to Washington state and then back to Montana - all on airlines other than I was SUPPOSED to fly on!) 

We took a bus to the crusade. I was actually going to this crusade to support my parents and pray for their healing! While we were praying for all those that needed healing, all the pain left me. I had gone to the service without my cane and without taking any of my pain pills. (I had decided to WALK in faith!) Well, to say the least, I had been struggling with the walking and the pain until we started praying. Not feeling the pain was such a strange feeling! It had been so many years that I'd forgotten what it was like not to be in pain! Our God is so awesome! He knows our needs, He hears our prayers and He answers them according to His will! I thank God that it is His will to set us free from all pain, sickness, disease, heartache, oppression, and the list goes on and on! Our God is Holy, Righteous and is not a respector of persons! He will touch anyone that wants His touch in their lives. He will touch yours if you just give yourself over to Him! 

It has been almost a year since I was healed. I have not had any more trouble from the fibromyalgia. I no longer need my cane nor my pain pills. Our God is faithful to us. He loves us so much and we will never understand the depths of that love. There is so much more that He's done and is still doing in my life. If you are interested in more about the ways the Lord is working in my life, please e-mail me and let me know! I would love to share with you about my Savior - your Savior! 

Do you know Jesus? Is He in control of your life? Have you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior? I truly pray that you have. If you haven't, I implore you to seek His face - to get to know Him. There are many links to many wonderful ministries throughout this web site and I invite you to visit any or all of them. But, it is the Lord that I invite you to get to know most of all! He alone can set you free! Ask Him to come into your heart today and then let someone know! I would love to hear that you've accepted him into your life and I invite you to e-mail me anytime! 

May God richly bless you and may you know His presence in your life! 

One thing I didn't mention was that I've battled depression most of my life. When the Lord healed me from fibromyalgia, He also released me from the grip of depression. Although it took about a year for me to accept that healing fully, I am no longer on ANY medications for anything WHATSOEVER! Halleluiah! Glory to God! 

I stopped taking the MAO inhibitor for the chronic clinical depression. I stopped taking all the supplemental anti-depressants as well. The Lord's grace is immeasurable! 

Rhonda Radandt




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