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Very Much Alive


The story is told of a young man who went into a taxidermist's shop. He was 
noticing all of the dead, but life-like animals on display. He stopped in 
front of an owl and began criticizing the shopkeeper's work, pointing out 
"mistakes" in the owl's wings, legs, and angle of the head. In his pride he
boasted that he could have done a better job himself.

Suddenly, the owl turned his head and blinked. The prideful young man had 
mistakenly imagined the owl to be just another dead stuffed animal, but to 
his shame found himself to be the fool. 

Many mistakenly imagine the Word of God to be just another piece of dead 
literature, or the Gospel a poor work of men's hands. Nevertheless, it is
alive, truly the work of God's hands! 

Author Unknown


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