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Nobody Is A Nobody


This is a true story about a boy who, the world might say, was a terrible 
underachiever. While in the eighth grade, he failed subjects repeatedly. 
High school wasn't much better; he flunked Latin, algebra, English, and 
received a grade of zero in physics. The boy managed to make the school 
golf team, but he lost the most important golf match of the season, and 
even though there was a consolation match, he failed miserably in that too. 

It's not that his peers disliked this boy; it's just that they never really 
seemed to notice him much. Even "Hellos" in the hall were a rarity. 

Out of all the failures in his life, there was something that did hold great 
importance to this boy, his love of drawing. Although in high school, the 
cartoons he submitted to the yearbook were rejected, once out of school, the
boy was so sure of his artistic talent that he approached Walt Disney Studios
with drawing samples. I wish I could say the studio execs loved his work and 
immediately hired him, but such was not the case; another huge rejection. 

Despite his many lack of successes, this boy did not give up. He then decided 
to write his own autobiography in cartoons, about a little boy who was regarded
as a loser and a nobody. 

The name of this boy was Charles Schulz, the creator of the famous Charlie
Brown and Peanuts comic strip. 

In life, it is sometimes easy to feel like a nobody. We pass hundreds of people
on the street on our way to work, or walk through a faceless crowd in a mall, 
and no one seems to notice or care. Deep inside, we may know we are special and 
unique and have lots to offer, but unless someone takes the time to look our 
way and give us a chance, we may feel worthless and mediocre, just like Charlie
Brown who couldn't even manage to fly a kite or kick a football properly. 

Just as Charles Schulz had faith in his artistic talent, so too, must we realize 
that nobody is a nobody...especially in God's eyes. We all have special gifts and
talents, and every human being is deserving and capable of being loved and 

Today, I invite you to look deep within yourself, and rather than see what you 
can do to improve yourself, as all the many self-help books suggest, find what 
you already "like" about yourself! 

Do you have an awesome laugh or smile? Are you thoughtful and sensitive to the 
needs of others? Are you down-to-earth and practical? Do you enjoy your ability 
to dream and hope? 

Our heavenly Father does not see with external eyes, but sees to the very core 
of our foundation. There is nothing we can hide from Him, and He alone, knows 
our motives and most secret desires. Learn to love yourself the way our Creator 
does, and learn to reach out to others the same way God is awaiting you with 
open arms. 

By Melanie Schurr


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