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My Decision


I have a decision to make--
what will I do?
I'll humbly bow my head, 
dear Father, and bring it to You.

I know You'll show me
the thing that is right,
It may be tomorrow 
or it may be tonight.

I want to serve You 
and do Your will,
I would like to go boldly 
but I'm timid still.

I'm not afraid,
that's what I say,
But what if I 
choose the wrong way?

You've promised to lead me 
and I know it is true,
But how Blessed LORD,
will I know it is You?

I trust You to show me 
and rid me of doubt,
Keep me and lead me 
and make it work out.

I feel calmer now, 
I know You are here,
You'll show me the pathway,
each step will be clear.

Forgive me for wanting
to see far ahead,
And help me follow You 
each moment instead.

Thanks for Your strength
and Your wisdom too,
And for teaching me daily
that I can trust You.

I know that the moment
my decision is due,
That you'll tell me plainly 
what I should do.

By Bob Hefner 


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