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The Little Fish


A little fish was in the sea,
And swam from day to day.
And he seemed quite contented there,
'Til one day he did say:

"You know, I'm getting tired of this,
It really isn't fair.
I want to see the flowers and trees
And breathe the healthy air.

"I want to run and jump and see
The blue sky and the hills.
I want to have some legs and wings
I'm disgusted with my gills!"

And so, the fish, he swam ashore
And lay there on the sand.
He tried his hardest to inhale
And then he tried to stand.

Now, did the fish develop lungs,
Did legs sprout from his fins;
His scales become like skin or fur,
Or did he grow some wings?

Ah, no, the fish just gasped his last --
He spluttered and he died.
He couldn't change his state at all,
However hard he tried.

So, did we humans come from apes,
And apes from chimpanzees,
And chimpanzees from crocodiles,
And crocodiles from bees?

Or can we see a strategy,
A plan and a design;
Intelligence and purpose used
To order life in time?

Of course, the latter must be true,
What nonsense to suppose
That from a bang all life evolved,
And that's how Man arose!

Yes, God created everything
In six terrestrial days.
In His own image made He man --
How wondrous are His ways!

And God gave man his own free will,
And sadly, sin came in.
Yet God in grace has sent His Son
To bring mankind to Him.

So never are we here by chance;
No ape gave rise to man.
We're privileged beyond compare:
We're part of God's great plan!

Author Unknown


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