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Jesus And Me


Sometimes when I get to thinking
I remember a time ago
A time I walked with Jesus
A time He had so much to show

We were walking along the beach
Such a beautiful day you see
We were just walking along
Just me and He

He told me of His undying love
He said He was always with me
He said that the Father sent Him here
He said He had so much for me to see

As we walked along
With the wind blowing in my hair
Just Him and I together
With so much to share

I remember a time during the day
We were having so much fun
I was so happy to be with Him
Times we would not walk but run

Even now when I get depressed
Even now when I get sad
I remember the words He said
I remember and I am then glad

He said that He is always with me
He said that He would never leave
Now I know for sure He is here
Now I can truly say I believe

Praise the Lord for Him...

Kimberly Dawn Combs-Mason
6/01/02 (c)


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