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My Choice


Oh, to hear the stories that Christians tell
Of Satan, fire, death and hell
Of demons that torture night and day
Of pain and suffering along the way.

They say these things are meant to be
For only those who just won't see
The other choice, the ONE above
The God of Peace and Hope and Love.

Now what if I choose Satan's way
To live my life from day to day
Just let myself have loads of fun
Now how much harm could I have done?

First I could just go hang around
In the darker parts of town
Or lie or steal or cuss and drink
It doesn't matter what people think.

And what's a little cheating now and then?
Everyone does it; it's not such a sin.
I only want what I deserve
So to have my way, who do I serve?

You say this Christ, He died for me?
He paid the price to set me free?
He willingly laid down His life
To save me from all sin and strife?

He took my cross and carried it
To keep me from the firey pit
He took away all sin and shame
And laid it on His Precious Name.

Now why would Jesus care for me
So much he'd hang there on that tree?
He's given all that He can give
To offer Life and let me live.

I guess my choice is finally clear
I'll serve my God while I am here
I'll love Him every day I live
I'll give Him all I've got to give.

I know He knows what's best for me
For He can see things I can't see
I'll trust Him each and every day
For every step along the way.

The choice is clear -- God's way is best
For, Satan, you have failed the test.
You're doomed already, by the Book
God's already said it. Take a look!

And Satan, you can't have my heart
For Jesus lives there; he won't part
And just to let you know who's boss
Just look at that ol' rugged cross.

For that ol' cross, you'll find it bare
For Jesus is no longer there
Death can't keep him in the grave
Freedom over death, He gave.

I'll have eternity to Praise His Name
I'll know I'll never be the same
Since Christ has set me free from sin
And sent His Holy Spirit to dwell within.

So let me share my song with you
And tell you what my God can do
He'll give you Peace and Joy inside
And from your fears, you'll never hide.

For all victory is yours, in Jesus' Name
And you will never be the same
Let Jesus in and take His hand
You'll be on your way to the Promise Land....

                  Shirley Gutierrez


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