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by James Corwin


I was sold into slavery the day I was born
Raised to grow the wheat and the corn
My master whipped me almost every day
Said I must work to earn my stay
Or else he'd kill me, by burning my flesh
This thought terrified me, I must confess
So I worked and worked to do what is right
But it never seemed enough in his sight
Then I heard of a man down the way
Who owned some land but didn't have slaves
Instead He'd adopt anyone He found
With the desire to turn their life around
He paid the price for me to be free
By giving His Son in payment for me
For a freeman, His Son came into this world
To die for the slaves, His plan unfurled
Now I live on my Father's land
I still work hard for where I stand
Is were my inheritance shall one day be
When the slaves who ask are all set free
My Father asked me to find more slaves
Who will leave their master and ask to be saved
Come with me and be my brother
And together we can find the others
Who wish to be a child of my Father so divine
Instead of a slave to a master so unkind


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