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The Promise


There's a promise in our sorrow
and a blessing when we sigh.
There's a light beyond the shadows
and a cleansing when we cry. 

So when we are discouraged,
and face tremendous grief;
it is during those times of trouble,
that the heavens send relief. 

With our heart in tune with Jesus,
our source of joy and peace,
be mindful of His promise,
that all suffering He would cease. 

He's cried our tears of sadness;
He's felt our every pain,
He's walked our path before,
all glory to His name. 

Just listen for the spirit,
as it whispers to be still,
for there is joy and comfort
beyond sad Calvary's hill. 

So if the sky should darken
and if the earth should quake,
remember life has struggles
on the journey that we take. 

The aftermath of sorrow
is beauty and pure light,
if we can fight the battle
and pray with soul and might. 

He sent us rainbow colors
to follow cleansing rain,
He showed us there are miracles
that come with all the pain. 

Seek forbearance in the hardships,
or when we fear or roam.
Cast your burdens on the Savior,
and He'll come and take us home. 

For He is our great Redeemer
our only true best friend,
He promised he would never leave,
He'll guide us to the end. 

Author Unknown


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