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Laying Life On The Line


As a New York skyscraper went up, hundreds paused daily to glance up at it.
One day they watched a ponderous metal beam go up to take its place in the 
steel skeleton. As the girder came near, a workman leaned out from the 
sixteenth floor to seize it. The spectators gasped as he lost his balance 
and fell. Desperately, he clutched the girder's end with arms and legs. 
The ground crew stopped the hoisting engine, but the man's weight at one 
end began to tilt the beam to a vertical position, which would eventually 
cause him to lose his grasp and fall to his death. 

With swift decision, another worker on the same floor, seeing his friend's 
predicament, leaped through space and landed on the other end, where his 
weight leveled the beam. Amid the applause of the crowd, both men were 
safely lowered to the street. 

Every day people around us lose their balance on moral questions--they consider 
having an affair with a co-worker, taking company funds, lying to close a deal, 
toying with drugs and alcohol. 

Wrong decisions may hurt them and their families for years and cost their souls 
in Eternity. They need friends interested in helping them keep their balance, 
by exemplary lives, by sacrificial living, by speaking a word for Christ. Here
no one applauds, but it will be worth it all when we receive the approval of 
the Master. (1 Cor 4:5) 

Live your life in the manner to which Christ lived and others are sure to take notice.

By W.W. Clay


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