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Special Diet


Our daughter's boyfriend, Trey had been diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 25 
years old. After having eaten any way he wanted for his entire life, conforming to a special
diet for diabetics was a difficult transition. 

His carbohydrate and sugar intakes had to be measured and monitored, and food needed 
to be eaten every so many hours. What he put into his body would make the difference 
between living healthy and possibly not living at all! 

I believe our thoughts are our soul's food. The things we think about are the things we feed 
upon. Are our thoughts self centered, self promoting, self gratifying, self righteous, self-indulgent
and self-absorbed? If so, we will live a very shallow and obviously self centered life. 

God calls us to feed our souls with thoughts of Him. How? By taking the words in the Bible 
and reading them not only silently, but out loud. We can internalize them much more efficiently
when we use both methods of reading. His call to love others and His marvelous promises are
in the Word for us to eat and internalize into the depths of our beings so let's hurry to the feast
table, and dine on His Special Diet waiting for us. 

By Marion Smith


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