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1186th -- My 2nd Book


In my previous two messages I shared a lot about myself personally which I 
have not really done before except when I introduced the publication of my 
book Messages of Hope. The reason is because I never wanted my life to be 
the focus of my messages or my ministry, but I wanted God to be the focus 
and the Cornerstone of both. Since I have shared more about my life, it 
has been very humbling and I have felt overwhelmed with the show of support
and encouragement that I have received through your responses. I'm 
thankful for all of you who have given words of appreciation, thankfulness 
and gratitude and I stand (or sit in my case) in amazement at how these 
messages have affected you for the better. The Lord deserves all the 
Glory and the Honor for encouraging you and I together.

I'm proud to let you know that my newest book Messages of Hope Volume 2 is 
now complete and made available through Amazon.com. As you know, a few 
months ago I published my first book entitled Messages of Hope and since 
that time I am astounded at how things have expounded. I started with the 
e-book, then the paperback and followed up with an audio book which will 
be available very soon. Now I am pleased to let you know that Volume 2 of 
Messages of Hope is available for e-books as well as for paperback 
reading. You can read the books on any device that has the Kindle App 
which includes iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. Technology 
has made reading so easy and convenient.

Both books are filled with encouragement, hope, inspiration and one can 
feel the love of God permeating throughout their pages. It is my hope and 
prayer that these books will be used to encourage and inspire people 
around the world. It is my vision and hope that one will not only read 
the books for themselves, but that they will be used as part of Bible 
studies, devotionals, ministry preparations and that others will start 
ministries of their own through these books. I say that with all humility 
because I know God inspired each message and they have power to change 
people's lives for the better.

I have received great feedback from those who have read the books and some 
have shared how they sometimes let God choose the message for them. When 
they pick up the book, they close their eyes and flip through the pages 
stopping randomly and reading that message and they have said that it was 
exactly what they needed in that moment. That is the faithfulness of the 
Lord showing up again in the simplest of ways.

I pray that you will stand with me and show your support with these books.
Tell your friends about them, your neighbors, your church family and 
friends so that they may be encouraged and lifted up through these messages
just as you have been in times past. Knowing about a treasure and not 
sharing it with others doesn't help to elevate their life, but when we 
share what we know, both of our lives rise just a little bit higher. I 
pray that you will help me to be a life-changer because when you do, you 
will also be a world changer. Let us lift each other up, encourage one 
another, show one another how much we have to offer and in doing so let us 
make this world a better place.

If you would like to have these books and tell others about them, I would 
be very proud, humbled and appreciative to know that others are benefiting 
from this work that God has called me to do.

I pray that you will heed the call and help me to make an impact on this 
world that will never be forgotten or erased. Don't think it's a small 
thing that you are helping to do because it isn't. Don't wait for someone 
else to do it. I want you to accept the calling to be a life changer. I 
want you to know that your life is significant and can help to lift others 
higher. Believe it for yourself and do something that will leave a 
positive and lasting impact. You will be so proud when you know you 
helped to make a difference. I know this truth because it has happened to 
me in times past.

This is how you can get the books and let others know about them as well.

Messages Of Hope Volume 2 - Paperback

Messages Of Hope Volume 2 - E-book

Messages Of Hope - Paperback

Messages Of Hope - E-book

I will continue to be faithful with the E-Mail Encouragement Ministry 
because I know how impactful it is. I will do it with the same dedication,
diligence, forethought and humility that has made this ministry such a 
great blessing that has literally encouraged people from around the world.
To God be all the Glory for the great things that He has done.

I sincerely thank you for being a part of this ministry and for helping to 
make it as impactful as it has been. If you do purchase a copy of the 
book or have a plan on how to make it more visible so that others may know 
about it, please e-mail me and let me know. We are co-laborers for Christ,
so let us make an impact that will help others to stand taller and rise higher.

God bless you,

Dwayne Savaya
Godís Work Ministry


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