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153rd -- Message On Our Ministry


I hope you are doing well and in the best of health. I am doing very well
and continually thanking the Lord for His goodness and mercies that are
renewed everyday. While I was praying about what message to send to you
today, I felt the Lord leading me to just share about our Ministry and the
work that is involved in keeping every area of operation running smoothly.
I hope this simple writing will help you to better understand our Ministry
and what we try to accomplish through it. 

When I first started this Ministry and agreed to let God lead the way, I
knew it would be a blessing, but never thought it would grow and reach the
multitudes around the world as fast as it has. I guess that shows how
technology helps God's Work reach farther then ever before in history. I
truly believe these are the last days because never in history have we had
such a great explosion of wisdom and understanding. Word was given to the
Prophet Daniel that in the last days knowledge shall increase, and it 
has. Through our Encouragement E-mail's alone, we reach more than 30,000
people every week, and that doesn't count the number of people that read 
the messages through their friends and family that forward the messages to
them. Only God can do such great things and that's why I am always quick
to give God all the Glory and Praise for this work. (Daniel 12:4)

Many members have written to us and asked how we select a particular story
or message. The simple answer is that I read a lot of stories and through
all the stories that I read, I ask the Lord which one does He want me to 
send to our members. Sometimes even though I have many stories in mind, 
the Lord impresses upon my heart a particular message to write completely
on my own with the correct scriptures that go along with the message. God
has been faithful in leading this Ministry and to our delight, this is the
153rd message that has been sent since the Encouragement E-mail's started
in March of 2000.

There are many people that write to us and ask if we have any copyrights 
on the messages that we send. I do not believe in copywriting God inspired
messages and limiting the use of them. I never have a problem with having
the messages forwarded on to other people. In fact, I encourage you to 
send these messages to your friends and loved ones when you feel led to do
so by the Holy Spirit. You are welcome to use the messages in your church,
at work, at your Bible studies, or wherever you feel it worthy to share 
the messages that have been sent to you by Gods Work Ministry. GWM was 
not started so that one man or one Ministry may be lifted up and praised,
but it was started to encourage and challenge God's people from around the
world and let them know about the authority they have and can have through
the Power and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Another thing I wanted to let our members know about is our non-profit 
status. Gods Work Ministry is not set up as a non-profit organization. Of
course we are a non-profit Ministry, but have not set it up as the 501-C3
non-profit organization with the state of Michigan, because we did not want
to have money come in the way of sharing God's messages. I promised God 
that I would do this work completely free of charge to our members and all
I asked in return was that this ministry would be anointed and strong in 
Him. We have never had a problem with paying the fees associated with our
Website Ministry, our Encouragement E-mail Ministry and the other areas of
Ministry that God has led us to pursue. God has been faithful in meeting
the needs of this ministry and I thank Him daily for that. 

It is a great pleasure to be able to send you these simple messages that
are focused on encouraging, challenging and inspiring you and hope they 
are beneficial to you. I hope that you get as much joy from reading the 
messages as I do in sending them to you. I would be lying to you if I 
told you that things are easy all the time. The devil tries hard to 
discourage me from doing the work that God has called me to, but the enemy
of hell has misjudged the inner strength that I possess through my Lord 
and Savior Jesus Christ. I will continue to do the work that God has 
called me to do and will never quit God's service as long as I am able. I
pray in the upcoming weeks, months and years that this Ministry will 
continue to encourage you, inspire you and challenge you to go all out for
God and never allow anyone to steal the Joy that is in your heart. 

I pray God's blessings upon each of our dear members and hope that every
wish that is in your heart will come to pass. You stay encouraged in the
Lord and continue to stay faithful and strong in Him, for He is the solid
Rock that will never fail you. (Numbers 6:24-26) (Psalm 37:4) (1 Peter 2:4-10)

In Christ's Love and Service,

Dwayne Savaya
Gods Work Ministry


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