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225th -- Message On Supporting Our Ministry


I hope you are doing well and in the best of health. I am doing very well
and thankful to the Lord for His mercies and grace there are renewed
everyday. We should always be thankful to the Lord because His love is
one that is without end. The Lord's love is so great that He is available
to us anytime we call upon Him. God does not have any off days and there
is never a busy signal when we dial in to heaven. We can call upon Him day
or night and He will be there to hear our prayer and calm our heart. If 
challenges come your way, never think twice about going to the Lord. He is
never too busy to lend you His ear and hear your cry. I Praise God for His
unconditional love and mercy that reaches from everlasting to everlasting.
(Psalm 121:1-5) (Psalm 3:4-8) (Psalm 103:17)

Today's message has to do with a new addition to our Ministry. The Lord
has spoken to my heart to start accepting donations for our ministry to 
keep strong. As you know, our Ministry has been one that has never focused
on receiving financial contributions for our service. When this ministry 
was started three years ago, I did it as an obedient child following the
Lord's leading. I have never focused on finances as the driving force of
this ministry and I don't plan to start now. Our sole intent is to see 
lost souls accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and to encourage
God's redeemed Children to continue on and live the abundant life that God
has for them. (Isaiah 30:21) (1 Thessalonians 5:11-13) (3 John 2)

With that said, I would like to let you know how God spoke to my heart 
concerning this new addition to Gods Work Ministry. As I was thinking 
about the next message to be sent to our members, I felt the Holy Spirit 
speak to my heart to start receiving donations from our members to keep our
Ministry running strong. To be completely honest, I haven't felt God lead
me in this direction at any time during these past three years. I wasn't 
sure why the Lord spoke this to my heart, but in obedience I agreed and 
then set out to organize the necessary pages that would be required for us
to accept donations through regular mail as well as by online donations.
(Proverbs 3:5-6) (Psalm 111:10)

Concerning giving, Jesus declares in Luke 6:38, "Give, and it will be given
to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will 
be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be 
measured back to you." I believe God wants to bless our members financially
and that can only happen through seedtime and harvest. I know by personal
experience that we can never out give God. When we sow into a ministry 
that God lays on our heart, we are not only helping that Ministry to 
continue on, but we are also planting the seeds of financial blessings for
ourselves that are promised to grow and return to us in due season. 
(Genesis 8:22) (Proverbs 3:9-10) (Malachi 3:10-12)

I have been obedient in following the Lord's leading thus far and I know 
God will be faithful to speak to His children's hearts to support this 
Ministry that is founded under His name. Concerning how much you'd like to
donate, I don't want to specify a specific amount for you to give because
I believe every person should give what they feel led to give by the Holy
Spirit. I know before I support any Ministry, I ask the Holy Spirit to
lead me on how much I should give, and I ask you to do the same thing.

I would like each member to know that every donation given to Gods Work 
Ministry does not go to compensate me in any way. Every gift given to 
this Ministry is used to offset our growing ministry expenses as well as
to establish new areas of Ministry that require necessary funds to get 
established. I pray that you haven't taken offense by this message because
it is with a pure heart that I am writing and asking for your support of 
this Ministry. (Psalm 119:10-11) (2 Corinthians 9:6-8) (John 4:36)

I would also like to thank you for joining our Ministry and I hope that the
seeds that we have sown into your life through our messages of Hope have
gotten deep in your spirit where they can take root and be manifested
through your life for others to openly see.

To God belongs all the Glory for His leading and anointing upon this work
that He has called us to.

If you'd like to donate by mail, this is our postal address:

Dwayne Savaya
4325 Curry Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

To make an Online Donation, please click on this link:

In Christ's Love and Service, 

Dwayne Savaya 
Gods Work Ministry 


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