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475th -- Introducing Voice Messages


I hope you are doing well and are in the best of health. I am doing very
well and am thankful to the Lord for every blessing that He has bestowed
upon this work. The Lord has been gracious and consistent in leading this
ministry these past six years and I am thankful for His continued anointing
and leading of this work that is founded under His Name. I do give God all
the glory, honor and praise for every blessing and for His Holy Spirit for
reaching each of our dear members with His touch of comfort, encouragement
and inspiration. The Lord has done it all and I dare not take the credit.

We have heard from many members who have requested to receive our ministry
messages on tape and or compact disc. Our Ministry messages are mainly 
sent by e-mail and this new area of Ministry wasn't really in our thoughts.
After much prayer and consideration, I felt the Lord leading me to start 
this new addition to our Ministry. I have learned very quickly that when 
God leads me in doing something new, that new work will be a blessing and 
an encouragement to all who receive.

We have been working on this new addition for a few months now and have 
completed the first volume which we have called Voice Messages Volume One.
Each of the messages is read aloud by me Dwayne Savaya and I have included
in this volume fifteen messages. For those who are curious to know what I
sound like, Voice Messages will answer that curiosity. 

The messages that are a part of Volume One are a collection of stories and
poems that have been used as a part of our E-mail Ministry.

Voice Messages Volume One includes:

The Cookie Thief
The Lonely Ember
He Doesn't Remember
God Is Watching Out For You
God Forgives You
Make Me Like Joe
Not Home Yet
Unanswered Letters
Where Do You Live?
Wait Three Days
I Refuse To Be Discouraged
Say A Prayer
The Richest Man
A Man Named Kimball
The Obstacle In Our Path

The messages are available on compact disc and each message is on its own
track. This makes it very convenient if you'd like to hear a specific 
message again without having to search for it.

Each disc is available for $5.00 which includes United States shipping. 
Members who live outside the U.S. can receive Voice Messages for $8.00 which
includes International shipping. The reason for the fee is to pay the cost
of production, materials and shipping charges that we have incurred.

We have worked hard to make Voice Messages affordable so that all of our
members may be able to receive the disc and be blessed by the messages therein. 

If you enjoy our ministry and are blessed by the messages that you have 
read, imagine the blessing of having the messages read to you anywhere a 
CD player is available.

Friends who have heard Voice Messages say that it is worth much more than
what we have set the price at. I am happy that our friends are saying that
because it shows how blessed and anointed Voice Messages really is.

We have set-up two different ways for you to order Voice Messages. 

Orders can be made by sending a Check or Money Order to our mailing address
requesting Voice Messages or for faster shipping, Online orders can be made
using a Credit Card.

You can send check or money order to our mailing address:

Dwayne Savaya
4325 Curry Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48314 USA

Online orders can be made by clicking the link below: 

We sincerely hope you try Voice Messages Volume One and see for yourself 
how encouraging and inspirational each message is.

In Christís Service,

Dwayne Savaya
Gods Work Ministry


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