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Encouragement - Stories and Poems

Everybody needs encouragement now and then, and we offer these stories and poems to you in the hopes that you'll find something that will touch your heart, something that will help you to face a new day, a new situation, a new problem. God wants us to lead rich, full lives, and sometimes we need to be encouraged towards the fulfillment of our potential.



Please God Take Me
One Solitary Life
He Needed A Son
The Hitchhiker
A Story Of Two Women
Believing In Angels
Nighttime Treasures
The Sting
A Baby's Hug
Your Property
That's What Friends Do
On The Other Side
A Little Girl's Prayer
A Second Chance
Can Anybody See God?
My Never Again List
Seed Of Love
Ten Inches Of Water
Why Do Women Cry?
Best Friends
The Secret
Highway Hero
A Need Supplied


My Blessed Fellowship
He Will Do It Again
So Remember Right Now...
God's Promise
Words For Your Family
God Is Already There
Even If
Wise Words
God Isn't Far Away
Good Things To Remember
I Thought I Knew
God Knows
What Does Hope Do For Us?
Wings Of Prayer
Broken Branches
Little By Little
What Is Faith?
The Rancher
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus
I Wish For You...
Things I Have Learned
He Sets His Pace To Ours
I Am Not Alone
Grace Is A Lantern