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Searching For Mom


The man was adopted and didn't know it. His parents never told him, 
but in his high school studies of biology, and looking at his eye 
color, he recognized that he was not the son of the parents he 
thought were his parents. 

But he loved them a lot. They had been loving and caring parents and 
so he never mentioned to them that he knew the truth. 

After they died and he had buried them both, he hired a private 
detective to find his biological mother. It didn't take too long -- 
almost two weeks. 

He sat in front of the phone and was going to call there. She lived in 
California. He would reach for the phone and then put it down. He would 
say, "What if she doesn't love me? What if she hangs up on me? What if 
she rejects me again?" Then he would pick up the phone and put it back 
down again. 

His wife, Karen, finally forced him to make the call. These were his 
opening words: "Hello. Does the date September 11, 1937 mean anything 
to you?" 

She said, "Oh, God, it means everything." 

He didn't know what to say next. Should he say, "What have you been 
doing for my whole life?" 

They talked and the more they talked the more they liked each other. 

He got a flight to California where she was living in a mobile home 
park. He spent a lot of time with her. He led her to Christ. 

He loved her before they met. He realized that he got his personality
from her. And because they had the same personality they really did 
love each other. 

We may not love as we ought but we should get better as we hang around 
Jesus. People who hang around Jesus become more and more like Jesus.


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