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Come Just As You Are


A shabby, poor little boy in London heard that the great Evangelist 
Dwight L. Moody was going to be preaching in the city. This boy 
wanted to find a way to go and hear him. So he spent the day walking
across London Town until he found the Church where Moody was scheduled 
to preach. As he neared the Church, it was all lit up (singing was 
already going on), and his little eyes sparkled over the beauty of 
the light shining through the stained glass windows and how it must 
certainly be like Heaven. 

As he climbed the Church steps and put his hand on the door handle to 
go inside, somebody reached out and grabbed him by the scruff of the 
neck and said "Just where do you think you're going?" "I'm going inside
to hear Mr. moody preach," said the boy. "Not like that you aren't! 
You're filthy and too dirty to go in looking like that! Go away, and 
don't be trying to get in!" With that, the little boy went back down 
the steps and thought he'd go around to the back and find a way in. 
Failing in doing that, the boy went back around to the front and sat 
down on the steps and started crying. 

While he was sitting there, a fine carriage pulled up, and a big man 
with a top hat got out. The little boy was looking at him through his 
tears when the man passed by and said, "What's the trouble, son?" 

"I've worked hard to walk across Town today to make it here, because I 
wanted to hear Mr. Moody preach. I can't go inside because I'm dirty." 

"Put your hand in mine," the man said, "and come go with me." With that, 
the boy put his dirty hand in the hand of the big man, and they went in. 
They walked down the isle all the way to the front, and after the little 
boy had been seated on the very front row, the big man went up to the 
Pulpit to preach. It was none other than the man who had won more than
750,000 Souls to Jesus Christ in his lifetime, Dwight L. Moody! 

Dwight L. Moody was born in 1836 and went to be with Jesus in 1899 at the 
age of 63 years old. His passion for Souls still rings in the heart of 
this preacher today, and he has been with the Lord for 103 years. I read
his biography every year, along with that of George Mueller who fed 
240,000 children over 60 + years and supported 285 Missionaries around
the World. 

Lord Jesus help me to be a Soul Winner and live in the shadow of Proverbs 
11:30, "The fruit of the righteous is the tree of life, and he that winneth 
souls is wise." Psalms 126:5-6, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy, 
he that goeth forth and weepeth bearing precious seed (Bible) shall doubtless 
come again bringing his sheaves (grains or souls) with him. I am saved and
Lord Jesus I don't want to use You as a "fire insurance policy," but I
want to win souls. In Jesus name Amen! 

Oh, let us bring in the clean, the dirty, the half naked, and the scruffy 
that they might all come to know Jesus Christ! 

Ralph E. Davis


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