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At The Counter


This had been a miserable Easter vacation. As I walked through the 
airport my heart was heavy at the devastation in my daughter's life.
Her husband of one year had left her and she was almost immobilized 
by shock and sorrow. Because she is an air traffic controller, she 
was now terribly worried about her ability to stay focused. 

I stopped to buy souvenirs for my grandchildren back home. Well the 
credit card processed, the smiling clerk asked how I liked her home state. 

"It's beautiful," I replied, "but I say that about nearly every place 
I visit."

"Yes," she nodded, "God has made a beautiful world for us to enjoy. So 
much variety. What did you see on your vacation?"

Immediately the tears welled up. The grief was raw and close to the 
surface. "It wasn't a vacation. Just a serious family problem, and 
my daughter is having an extremely hard time. I hate to leave her," 
I stammered. 

"Oh, but God is good. He will work on your daughter's behalf."

"I know," I whispered back through tears that now flowed freely. 

From that counter I took away more than my small purchase. I took away 
a touch of Christ's resurrection power--the power of God's love to reach
out and touch a hurting heart. 

By Paula Kirk
Editor Of Tapestry Magazine


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