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  Dear Lord I want to ask you a question 'bout my life... The struggles and the trials and the pain and all the strife; I just can't see and end you know, heaven seems so far away; Dear Lord would you hurry up and bring the judgement day?

All I want is to go home and see my Saviour there; I know it must seem selfish when lost souls are everywhere. But Lord you know I'm homesick and I'm tired and worn out; This world of sin is so mixed up, Lord, what's it all about?

Did you ever feel this way when you lived as a man?

Did you ever tell the Father you'd had all that you could stand?

Did you ever for a moment wish you weren't so all alone?

Did you ever want to give it up and just go on back home?

I know you know just how I feel and to admit it is no sin; So is the battle ever over and do Christians really win? Is the master of deception ever really bound in hell? The lies he's told about me are too numerous to tell.

Will anyone ever like me or even think that I'm ok? Enemies are everywhere there's a new one every day. How can I go on like this and hold my head up high? Lord you surely don't expect me to go on and try.

Dear Jesus, did you ever find it difficult to pray?

Or did you ever scowl at the dawn of a new day?

Or did you resent the fact that you hung upon a tree, And died the death of a criminal to save someone like me?

Dear Lord help me remember when things get really tough, And all I think or pray about is that I've had enough; Please remind me that you were shamed but didn't hang your head; And please remind me that it was also for your enemies you bled.

Dear Jesus please remind me in your gentle loving way That you never once complained about the price you had to pay. And please keep my heart in tune to all you want to do In the lives of my enemies who need to know you too.

Melody Powell Rindfuss


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