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Yes Lord

"Yes, Lord!!" This morning I asked, "How much more can I take; What else must I do for Your name's sake? I'm running this race to get closer to You. But, my God, I can't believe the things I go through. "The stress and struggles of this thing called life. The unknowns: will I marry and be a good wife? What school shall I attend; Masters, Doctorate, then what? Am I even in the right profession or just stuck in a rut? "Did I mail off that payment? Did I pick up my suit? I know I'm forgetting something. Is patience part of the fruit? We have rehearsal tonight?! But, I have other plans. Help the needy and greedy? Lord, I've only got two hands. "There's Bible Study on Wednesdays and meetings on Monday. I am practically at Church from Sunday to Sunday. You've burned my insides like a craftsman with gold. Flames set hot and long enough, gave newness to the old. "My old friends are gone and some family members too. You've got my attention, now what must I do? Dedicate my whole being to focus on You? Put aside my plans and desires and give what is due? "Should I think of You each second and meditate each day? Should I fast and pray and watch what I say? Should I be humble and obedient and forget about myself? Shall I, Your vessel, just sit here on a shelf? "Waiting to be used by You, is that my only goal? Have You the rights to my spirit and the papers to my soul? Pray harder, listen better, study more and sin less?"

And my God silenced me, as I felt Him say . . . "Yes. Whatever I command, you should do with no delay. You must study My Words and walk in My Way. "I will cleanse you from all you have done to yourself. For you know not the time, you'll be pulled from the shelf. Like a glass that is dirty, with smudges and spots. You must be presentable, having minimal blots. "For My Living Water must be sweet to the taste. Therefore, I must prepare the container in which it is placed. Your life is not yours, it belongs to Me. I knew you before you knew, now I want you to see. "Your true purpose in life is based on My plans. So, I'll mold you and shape you with My own hands.

Yes, pain you feel and experience loss. But it's not as though I asked you to carry a Cross. "Who has stretched you wide and speared you deep? Who has nailed your hands and pierced your feet? Are there stripes on your back or bruises on your face? When was the last time you saved the human race? "Have you died lately and arisen from the dead? Did I ask you to adorn a crown of thorns upon your head? My Son wore that crown, so that yours may be one of glory.

Now, all I'm asking of you, is to tell the story. "Tell them where you were when you heard the Good News. How you came to know that Jesus paid all your dues. So, yes, you owe Me. But your life is not the fine. As a matter of fact, you're only giving Me back, what's already Mine. "Just do what you must and give it your best. Don't worry, just have faith and I'll take care of the rest. I love you and want you to trust and choose Me. You must My dear child, if you want to be free. "Free from the powers and bondage of sin. Able to choose Eternal Life instead of an eternal end. I want Us to be close and on one accord." Then His eyes asked if I understood. And I humbly replied . . . Yes, Lord."

Author Unknown



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