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Your Victory Lies Ahead


Friend, as I stand gazing out my window I could see the raindrops falling from Heaven. They reminded me of the day the Lord anointed me in His special way. As I was looking over into the horizon I could see the sun starting to rise. It reminded me of the day when I would look upon my Master's face and see the smile that I put there the day I gave my life to Him.

As I started to kneel down to pray, I was reminded of the burdens that Jesus took away. As the tears fell from my eyes, I heard a gentle voice speak to me, "Child, do not cry. I'll give you courage to climb each mountain that lies before you."

As I was praising, I could hear the angels singing, "Children lay all your cares at the Master's feet. Friends lift your hands toward Heaven and shout, "I know the love of my Heavenly Father will carry us through."

As I was sitting, reading God's Holy Word the Lord spoke to my spirit, "Children, submit yourselves unto Me and draw nigh into My presence and I will draw nigh unto you. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you." Friend, as I was walking along life's pathway I felt a hand touch my shoulder and a gentle voice spoke to me. "Children, get your eyes off the road and look up. Your victory lies just around the bend!"

 Praise the Lord!


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