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A Letter From God, To You!


My Child, 
Before time began, I knew you. Before there was light, 
I loved you. And I still do. I made you and know everything 
about you. You're on my mind every minute of the day. I know 
your hurts, your joys, your secrets. Yes, I know everything 
you have done... And I still love you. I want you to know me 
as your Father. I want you to know just how wonderful life 
really is. My arms are open wide for you. 

What you owed me has been paid in full. I want you to be with 
me forever. I will never lie to you, nor play mind games with 
you. I will never bring up past sins that I have forgiven to 
degrade you. I am your father. And I will never leave you. I 
will always be with you ... at school. At work. At home. In 
the silent corners of your mind when you don't feel loved. I 
am with you. You see, you are so special to me. I want you to 
know how much I love you and want you to really understand 
what I have done for you. 

You are my chosen child, adopted to be the heir of all I have. 
When you are scared or have questions, come to me. I accept 
you just as you are. And because my compassion for you is so 
deep I won't settle for leaving you the way you are. With love 
I will mold you and change you and transform you to be like my 
Son Jesus. 

In the mean time, trust me and enjoy being my child. 
I love being your Father! 

With Love, 


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