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His Birth Poem


Twas a clear crisp evening 
The stars were shining bright 
The shepherds in the fields about 
Enjoyed the peaceful night. 

On camels journeyed wise men 
They bound for Bethlehem 
In search of Him to be born there 
The King they'd call the lamb. 

The star the wise men followed 
A beacon to their eyes 
Was marvel to the shepherds too 
As gazed they at the skies. 

A music filled the heavens 
As angels joined in praise 
"Rejoice you earthly creatures 
Christ's birth has blessed your days." 

A vision to the shepherds 
Did lead them to the place 
Where little baby Jesus lay 
Elijah to the race. 

The Wise Men found the infant 
As shepherds knelt in awe 
They thanked the Lord Almighty 
For fulfillment of His law. 

All men who know the prophets 
And seek the promised Dove 
Will know the Savior of the world 
He brought us all God's Love. 

By Gerald S. Sumeracki


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