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Life Is Fragile: Handle With Prayer


Life is fragile: Handle with prayer.
Remember that Jesus will always be there
To hear our problems and to gather our tears,
To calm the storms, and to settle the fears.
It does not matter how great or how small,
Jesus will answer to our every call.
Just call on the Lord, it matters not when-
His office is not closed at half-past ten.

He's never on lunch, He can't take a break;
If He did, this old world would just crumble and shake.
His lines are never busy, He won't put you on hold.
He won't ask you twice what He's already been told.
There's no account number, nor address to give;
No matter where you've moved, He knows where you live.

Yes, the Lord always answers, He never leaves home.
He won't leave us to handle it all on our own.
So when things get rough, and things aren't fair,
Remember: Life is fragile, so handle with prayer.

By Gloria J. Ames 


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