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It Is Finished


Christ hung on the cross and completed God's plan.
He brought salvation to woman and man.
He suffered alone as He hung there that day,
"It is finished," those near Him, heard Jesus say.

It is finished meant God's measureless plan was done.
He provided righteousness for us through His Son.
It is finished meant that our sins could be forgiven,
If we confess them to Christ He'll take us to Heaven.

Because it is finished this world cannot harm us.
Catastrophes, calamities and tragedies don't alarm us.
We have peace in our hearts and a hope never ending,
We know that with God we'll eternity be spending.

Because it is finished we can all love each other.
We can treat our worst enemy as if he were our brother.
Because it is finished we each must do our part,
To try to show to others that we have Jesus in our heart.

Because it is finished we need to let the world know,
That God still loves them even if they've sunk low.
His salvation plan includes them and He wants them to be,
With Him in Glory to live eternally.

Bob Hefner


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