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Strength For The Day


Tomorrow's cares may never come,
They're locked up in the future,
Your troubled thoughts may sometimes roam,
For that is human nature.

You worry what may happen
In future day's events,
What God's great mind has shapen,
For He allows, and He prevents.

His mighty Hand controls all things
His interest lies in you,
In every detail that life brings
He is always true.

He has not promised lives of ease,
Not even a rose-strewn way,
Nor pleasant things that always please,
But strength for every day,

You may not see beyond today,
Or the future far and dim
But He's the God of yesterday,
And tomorrow belongs to Him.

Today your strength's assured,
So live it free from care,
God's promises always have endured
So leave your worries there.

Depend upon His mighty power,
Upon unending love,
Don't doubt His care in any hour,
Just turn your eyes above.

The One who holds the worlds in place
Controls, supports, and cares,
Will keep you by His wondrous grace,
Today, and through the years.

By Eva Moore


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