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The Meaning of Christmas


Shopping in the crowded mall,
Anticipating a fresh snowfall,
Mailing cards to friends and relatives,
Buying gifts that are much too expensive.

The scent of baking fills the air,
Holly adorns the rail of the stair,
Santa Claus cookies and spiked eggnog,
Shopping for gifts from the catalog.

Making toys for the little ones,
The aroma of ham and cinnamon.
Mistletoe hangs from an overhead light,
The fireplace crackles throughout the night.

Carolers sing on the portico,
The house is lit up all aglow.
Hidden gifts have been brought out.
Memories of Christmas, without a doubt.

Visitors traveling from afar,
Following the heavens brightest star,
Bearing gifts for a newborn king,
Reverent on this Holy Evening.

Precious babe, born in a stable,
Wrapped in swaddling that should have been sable.
Born to a virgin, sired by Our Father,
Shepherds and beasts come near together.

Laid in a manger in a stall,
Born to die to save us all.
A miracle happened this Blessed night.
He told the world with a celestial light.

This child created by Our Father above
Taught us the meaning of true love.
His birth is honored by all the devout.
This is what Christmas is really about

Lynda Huebel


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