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Jesus Loved Him Anyway

Across the table He looks at his face
Desperately hoping to show him His grace
He taught him the ways of His Father above
Showing him kindness, patience and love
How can the Lord feel a love so strong?
For the man who will do Him so wrong?
For Jesus had to know from the start
The spirit that Judas had in his heart
Over three years they walked side by side
The humble master and the servant full of pride
Jesus loved him beyond his wildest dreams
Even though He saw his future schemes
Jesus said, "Love your enemy," you see
And He loved Judas no matter what came to be
We all have a Judas in our life
That someone always causing us strife
What if you knew he'd help bring your death?
Could you love him through your dying breath?
Could you walk with him every day?
Always sharing Christ, even knowing what you'll pay?
This is having the mind of Christ
To Love your neighbor at any price.
By James Corwin

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