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I had been drifting far too long
Upon the sea of wretched strife....
It was time to drop my anchor
And re-evaluate my life.

It all began with a storm
That found me ill prepared,
Not anchored in the "Rock Of Hope"
'Twas engulfed by waves of despair.

Far from the shore the harbor light
I could no longer see-
Completely helpless like a child
I was drowning in misery.

With fear and dread I closed my eyes
Knowing the end was near,
I asked the Father for the strength
To endure what I had to bear.

A voice rolled like thunder
As the heavens opened wide,
"Fear not my child, I am with you
And I will never leave your side.

Just trust Me to guide you ashore...
Look up! See My Son's light?
Keep your eyes only on Him
And you will be all right."

I did as the Lord directed
And soon I was ashore....
The storm passed, the clouds blew away,
And my peace was fully restored.

With my anchor firmly in place
Upon solid rock I now stand,
Never again to drift aimlessly
Like the blowing, shifting sand.

By Cheryll Mayberry Smith


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