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Run to the Cross and Stay


When your cries of fear,
Always turn into your river of tears;
When your heart of pain,
Always manages to harden in the rain;
When your life of trying,
Always makes you feel like dying;
When your days of happiness,
Always seems to turn into your life of sadness;
When you are tired of waiting,
And you feel like you are fading;
When all of Satan's attacks are flying in your face,
And you a tired of life's rapidly growing pace;
When you look at your life,
And realize you are being cut like a knife;
When you can't bear the thought of going on,
Run to the Cross and Stay.

Don't let the pain of today,
Steal away your hope for tomorrow;
When the waves come pounding in,
Just remember you have the Dearest of Friends,
Who can save you from anything.

Just run to the cross and stay,
Where JESUS can wipe all your tears way.

(age 14)


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