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Midnight Scenes


T'was midnight! And a Nation blind
Slept on in Egypt's land
Caring not that Judgement and
Destroyer were at hand.
Awake! What cry did rend the skies,
What horror when they saw
The first-born's life was taken
Where no blood was on the door.

T'was midnight! From the Israelites rose
Thanks and praise to God
For all who had their God obeyed
Were covered by the blood.
By mighty power the evil thrall
Of Pharaoh had been broken
Upon the door that blood became
To them Redemption's token.

T'is midnight! And the Temple courts
Lie silent in the dark
The light has almost flickered out
Beside the sacred Ark;
And in his place laid down to sleep
A little child so small
Is wakened up, it is the LORD
His name three times did call!

An aged prophet, eyes so dim
He cannot rightly see
Or check his evil sons
From doing wrong so constantly
But he perceives it is the LORD
Who to the child doth call
And so the solemn message comes,
Young Samuel tells it all.

T'is midnight! and ten virgins wait
Tho' slumber softly yet
Their lamps are flickering out
And five their oil forgot to get.
The Bridegroom tarries long and late,
But suddenly the shout!
He comes! Five virgins go with him,
Five find themselves shut out.

T'is midnight! holy sacred scene;
The Saviour prays alone
The weight of sin and guilt are His,
For man He must atone
The motley crowd, take Him they dare,
They bind the Lord of All
And lead Him unprotestingly
To Pilate's Judgement hall.

A midnight scene! That blessed One,
Betrayed, delivered up
A sheep to slaughter meekly led,
To drink that bitter cup.
Wonder of Wonders! God the Son
Led out to yonder tree
To bear the curse, the shame,
The pain, the agony for me.

T'is Midnight! Prison walls resound
With sweetest songs of praise
The other prisoners hear them too
As loud their voices raise
Suddenly an earthquake strikes!
Bands loosed all prisoners free
Their jailor cries in terror
"They are fled, Oh Sirs, help me!

Fear Not! The blessed message rang
Through all that cheerless place
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
And you'll be saved by grace"
A hardened man, his heart is touched,
The message reached his soul
A life is changed, the precious blood
Has made this sinner whole!

Maybe one Midnight soon will sound,
That trumpet that will bring
The dead and living blood bought souls
To meet their Lord and King
The Lord Himself descends with shout,
And the Archangel's voice
Caught up! To meet Him in the air
Oh how we will rejoice!

But wait! A midnight scene remains
For those still left on earth
Who Christ reject, His claims neglect
And have no second birth.
Oh awful thought all hope is gone,
Not place to which to flee
But Judgement waits,
Outside the gates for all Eternity.

But you who read this simple rhyme,
There's time still left to flee
For refuge to the Christ Who died,
Behold He waits for thee
Accept by faith Salvation free,
Be washed all clean and white
And you'll be safe for ever more,
No more need fear the night!

For those who trust in Christ the Lord
Will live in endless day
There's no Midnight in heaven above,
But glorious light alway!
The Lamb is all the light,
No need for candle or for sun
And we shall see our Saviour's face,
For us this bliss He won!

Behold He comes, He quickly comes,
The Bright and Morning Star
Already those who look for Him
Can see its beams afar.
Earth's night grows dark, but hope springs new,
Soon shall our LORD appear
So may these thoughts fill every heart,
With living hope and cheer!

By Elspeth Duurloo


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