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Time For Me


I saw you in the workplace 
Gossiping with your friends
You had a perfect opportunity
To tell them I died for their sins

I saw you at lunchtime,
Heat your meal and take a seat
But I never saw you bow your head,
You forgot about thanking me.

I saw you on your drive home 
With the music blasting loud
I thought you'd take time to pray,
Now that you were away from the crowd.

I saw you again when you sat down
To relax in your nice warm home
I thought we could have a talk,
But then you picked up the phone.

After you had your supper and bath
I just knew it was time for me
But what did you do instead?
You turned on the TV.

I saw you lay your head to rest
On the pillow in your bed
I was all ready to listen,
But you fell asleep instead.

I saw you sleep all night,
I thought about waking you to see
If we could have just a little talk,
But I knew you wouldn't make time for me.

"…if we deny Him, He also will deny us"
(2 Timothy 2:12)

By Denise Campbell


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