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The Old Book


Will the Old Book stand, when the "higher critics" state
That grave errors are discovered on its page?
Will it save the sinful soul? Will it make the wounded whole?
Will its glorious truth abide from age to age?

Will its message still abide, when the scientists decide
That its record of creation is untrue?
Tell us the ascent of man is by Evolution's plan:
Will its principles the sinful heart renew?

When in language wondrous faith "Christian Scientists" declare,
That there is no evil, only mortal mind.
When mental treatment fails, and seeming death prevails,
May we in the Bible consolation find?

When infidels parade the mistakes which Moses made,
When the truth of Revelation they deny,
Will the Ten Commandments still the demands of justice fill?
Will the Word support us when we come to die?

Yes, the Word of God shall stand, though assailed on every hand,
Its foundations are eternally secure
It will bear the critic's test and the idle scoffer's jest,
Its saving truth forever shall endure.

Author Unknown

Thy word have I hid in mine heart,
that I might not sin against thee.
{Psalm 119:11}

Go to Christ with prayer yourself, go to God with repentance
yourself, and see whether he does not pardon you and bless you
and change you and make a new creature of you. And when he
has done that, believe me, you will never again doubt whether the
Bible is true, for when it shall have saved you from your fears,
rescued you from your sins, and brought you into life and light and
liberty, you will be absolutely certain that it is true, because you
have tried and tested it yourself.

Charles H. Spurgeon


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