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He Didn't Stop At The Cross


He walked many miles,
and spoke countless words.
He suffered many things,
to have His message heard. 

He taught of love,
kindness, forgiveness, and fear.
He healed many bodies,
and dried countless tears. 

His love brought Him down
from heaven, to earth,
To teach all His children,
what His Father is worth. 

Facing many fears,
He prayed to His Father above.
He knew His purpose.
He must prove His love. 

For your lost soul,
and for the sins you've done,
He faced down the devil,
and our Savior won! 

Each drop of blood
that fell to the ground,
Told Satan that God's children
would not be bound. 

And as Jesus strained
to see the crowd,
Bearing His pierced hands
and thorny crown, 

His heart,
just faintly beating now.
He prayed to God
to forgive them somehow. 

The hate and deceit
in the evil hearts of men,
Sent our glorious Savior
back to heaven again. 

He drew His final breath,
as He gave up the Ghost.
He lowered His head,
and left His earthly host. 

With His body laid in a tomb,
all hope seemed lost.
But I tell you the truth,
He did not stop at that cross! 

This miracle...this man,
the Lord of Hosts.
Breathed life in again,
and from His grave He arose! 

He boldly put His feet
back on the ground,
Where days before,
His blood could be found. 

He spoke, He shared,
He loved and blessed,
This man who was slain
and laid to rest. 

He has not stopped...
even one single day.
He will not give up
till all are saved. 

And though Satan tried,
his battle was lost.
Because Jesus Christ will not
stop at the cross. 

So...choose wisely of what is right,
please do not become lost,
Rejoice in His life,
and don't stop Him on the cross. 

By Kim Clayton


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