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The Preacher's Wife


Our preacher is a man of God,
He truly loves the Lord;
He gives the greatest sermons,
His congregation's never bored.
He quotes the scriptures without looking,
He shares the Good Book without end;
He knows each member of the church,
And calls each one his friend.

He constantly is working,
Both at the church and in his home;
He is very dedicated,
And spends much time with Christ alone.
He spends hours on his sermons,
Which are truly God inspired;
He works almost around the clock,
And is often worn and tired.

While we give him due respect and love,
His wife is often missed;
Though a sweet and caring, loving soul,
She's not always on our list.
Oh what a shame ... we lose so much,
For this woman's full of love;

And when our preacher married her,
Was he not directed from above?
She knows her Bible just as well,
And with such gentleness,
Has that woman's quality of warmth,
That a man cannot possess.
She can embrace, and soothe, and hold,
Can even offer kisses;
Sometimes this kind of love's required,
And a man can't always do this.

While our preacher is God's shepherd,
His wife excels in little lambs;
We need her just as much as him,
All this is per God's plan.
She stands behind her husband,
Like a shadow, ever there;
Like fresh air, always needed,
Of which no one is aware.
She will put her arms around him,
When he is down and blue;
Why comfort him, this man of God?
Because he's human, too.

She performs her mundane duties,
Like pressing clothes and washing shirts;
Because she is so eager,
To have him look just right at church.

When services are over,
And he is waiting by the door;
We shake his hand and thank him,
Sometimes she's smilingly ignored.
She never seeks attention,
But is content to aid and serve;
With a quiet consecration,
So, all you members of the church,
What I am trying hard to tell ...
That when God chose this preacher's wife,
'Twas for the rest of us, as well.

Show that you appreciate her,
At the church door, shake her hand;
Hug her around her shoulders,
And behind her, take your stand.

Author Unknown


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