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The Big If


If our body is made of 90% water and 10% flesh;
If all creation needs water to survive;
If it takes moving water to create electricity;
If current is needed for light;
If God is the Light of the world;
If electricity is a current we can not see;
If we reap the benefits of electricity;
If God is a spirit and flows through us and all creation;
Then God must be the "current" by which we must survive.
How much more do we need the Living Water
To be 100% God's?
If material creations were someone's dream;
If we feed on the Word daily and if our dreams are Godly;
Our material possessions would be from God.
Who inspires your dreams?
If physical sexual activity is 90% mental and 10% physical,
It must be 90% spirit and 10% flesh,
And God should be in it!
If the devil has only 1/3 of the angels and if God has the other 2/3,
God must have controlling authority.
Who is your "major stockholder" and who controls you?

If, as some people believe, we were created from the ape,
Who created the ape?
If, as some people believe, we were created from a "big bang,"
Who caused the "big bang?"
Some people live their lives as though they are apes living in a jungle
Of big noises refusing to listen to the soft voice of God.
Some people walk around as in a "whirlwind" with no direction
Falling prey to whatever master can control them.
Who do you listen to and what noises are you making?
If you are an ape, by what "current" do you survive?
If you are part of a "big bang," what "current" creates your
If you are a child of God, how can society know?
What do you profess to be: an ape, a big bang, or a child of God?
If our spirit arises to be with God (water becomes as vapor);
If our flesh returns to the earth (flesh becomes as dust);
Does not the cycle start over again?
Therefore, I conclude, God is eternal!
Where will you spend eternity?
That depends upon what "ifs" you believe.

by Carolyn Bigler


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