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A Brighter Day


There'll be a brighter day tomorrow
Just trust in god he'll share your sorrow
Oh lay your cares at the Saviors feet
And when you do you'll feel complete
He'll recreate your life once torn
You'll feel like you've just be reborn
Give praise to him and then you feel
His love and strength to help you deal
With lifes hard times though often sad
He'll give you joy and make you glad
Look to the lord just trust in him
He lifts us up when we feel grim
So don't look back just keep on praying
You'll feel his presence softly saying
I'll fill your cup and take your pain
You've nothing to lose but all to gain
Come unto me I'll give you rest
I'll comfort you through troubling tests
Though they seem long he'll make a way
To lead you on to a brighter day

By Betty Nasr


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