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The Power of Words


My tongue can cause death or life
Bitterness, anger and often pain
Can cut through like a sharp knife
O cause me to stop.. pray ... refrain.

Your words held comfort and healing
They even calmed the stormy sea
May I never be so unfeeling
Or use words that cause hurt and misery.

O tame my tongue, grant discipline
When words of anger suddenly spurt -
Forgive, when I commit a verbal sin
May my words help - instead of hurt.

Too late I learn to say `I'm sorry'
Harsh words fall like blackened rain
O use my words for Your sweet glory
Let not my expressions be in vain.

Thank You for the art of expression
Keep me sensitive to those I meet
May my tongue learn the blessed lesson
Of speaking life - not death and defeat.

By Hyacinth Santiago


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