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My Beloved Wisdom


Come follow me, for I will tell you about a gift. Because according to the world, this race is given unto the swift. Take heed and listen to what I have to say, for it is wisdom that crieth in the street everyday. The Lord says "embrace her and forsake her not" for in her is the preservation of the heart. From the mouth does the heart speak, so let it be psalms and hymns to strengthen the weak. Wisdom and discernment do the evil men despise, but unto to you it is the light that open blind men's eyes. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and He has given us His son Jesus to be the way to the kingdom. So in all your getting get an understanding because the trials of life will come, but you will be left standing. Upon thy head lies the ornament of grace, for it was the ways of wisdom did you embrace.  So come with your crown of glory and tell others about wisdom's' story. May the next generation receive this gift so that they will endure while running the race with the swift. 

Inspired by the Holy Spirit 

By Gieshla Moore


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