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A Word of Kindness


Have I spoken a word of kindness today,
that would help someone find their way?

Did I tell him about Jesus who paid the cost?
Did I show him the way to the old rugged cross?

Was I there when he needed someone to pray
a little prayer that would brighten his day?

Did I pick him up when he stumbled and fell?
Did I tell him the pain of going to hell?

Was I there with him to cast a smile
that would make his life a little worthwhile?

Did I try to make him understand
how God moves with a mighty hand?

And dear God, please let me know
if I am the one that I might show.

The way to bring someone to Thee
and tell him about Jesus who can set him free.

And as I praise thy name, I say,
"Dear Lord, let me show him the way!"

By Abel Norman


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