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Thank You lord


Precious Lord, I prayed quietly,
forgive my sins, and set me free.
Each step I take, each word I speak,
please use me Lord, your will I seek!

I thank you for each trial and tear,
you've seen me through, year after year.
My heart was blind, I could not see,
the precious plans you held for me!

Each time new sorrows came,
I reached out and called your name!
Then, in sin, I turned from you,
Confident, I could see me through.

I struggled each day, the best I could,
to solve them all, as I felt I should.
As all my problems grew so tall,
between You and I, I built a wall.

Then fear crept in, as Satan planned,
how I trembled, I could barely stand!
Afraid to love and afraid to try,
afraid of loneliness: I wanted to die!

Satan had me: I was in his hands!
For me to fear was his evil plan!
By my fear, he had total control,
I was sure I had no where to go!

Then, Praise Jesus, I saw your light,
You held me close with all your might!
No longer afraid, the wall came down,
Faith and hope, in You, I found!

Thank You Lord, for each trial and tear!
And Your wisdom, I've gained, over the years.
Please use me Lord, and let me stand strong,
Precious Jesus, with you all my fears are gone!"

II CORINTHIANS 12:9 "And he said unto me, My 
grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength 
is made perfect in weakness..."

By Margie Kuhlow


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