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If Today Was Your Last


If today was the day that would be your last,
Where would you spend Eternity, based on your past?
There is no guarantee of an earthly tomorrow,
Should you die today, will there be joy or sorrow?

Your friends and loved ones really do care,
About your destination from this life to there.
How sad it would be, our Eternity unknown,
To those left behind struggling with what had been done.

Destiny isn't based on whether we've been good or bad,
Or how much wealth power or wealth we had.
Instead we will be judged by our faith in our Lord,
We know this is true for it's written in His Word.

You should cherish the freedom in your life today,
Believe with all your heart and let Jesus lead the way.
Prepare for a future that appeals to you,
Either Heaven or Hell, this much is true.

The choice is yours, which one will you take?
Let everyone know by the choices you make.
Jesus died so that we may be free,
And share with Him all Eternity.
Don't let His death for you be in vain,
Love Him in sunshine and praise Him for the rain.

Remember what He sacrificed for us on that Cross,
He gave us His all so our all is not lost.
Call upon Jesus and believe on His name,
Your life will change dramatically and never be the same.

By Dana R. Duczer


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