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Love - The Perfect Gift


It began like any other night. Women were found rushing about fixing 
supper. Men busy finishing with their day's labors. Children were 
hungry and cranky. The town had swelled in population, almost twice 
its size. It was census time. And although the economy benefited, 
it was causing the nerves of many to fray. 

The sunset was beautiful, but not as glorious as one would have thought. 
It held no clue of would take place that very night, the secret was well 
hidden. Eyes could only see a gentle blanket of grays and black covering 
the sun. Nobody knew what stood behind this curtain of the night, 
waiting to be unveiled. 

Strangers entered the little town; husband and wife. She so heavy with 
child. It had been a long and uncomfortable day of traveling. She was 
exhausted. Her eyes sore from the dust on the road, her feet swollen 
and tongue parched. She longed for a cup of cool water, and a quiet 
place to rest through the night. 

Door to door they searched for a room. "But, you can see my wife is in 
need!" His pleas, unsuccessful. There was no room, not even for a 
pregnant woman. He was worried, he could see she was so tired, though 
she said nothing. He knew her time was near, he had to find a way of 
locating a room for her. 

Kindly eyes looked upon the couple. He saw their despair. "Perhaps I 
can help." "It's not much," he said, "but the straw is clean and it 
will keep you warm." They blessed his kindness. The shelter was humble 
but peaceful, she could rest. He made a bed and ever so carefully 
lowered her down. "Rest my dear, rest." 

He looked towards the night's sky. His heart seeking guidance from God. 
He knew the birth was near. "How could the timing be worse," he 
questioned? Back home, he had well provided for her, but here, there 
was nothing. He had wanted the best for her, but all he could offer
was a stable and his love. 

Soft moans break the silence. He swabbing her forehead, their hands 
clutched. Her head in his lap, he gently cradles her. Heaven supplying 
words of hope. A brilliant star in the sky takes its rightful place, 
bathing them in soft light. Stabled animals circle about, giving 
warmth; they chosen to be nature's witness. 

She lay there panting as waves of pain cover her. He whispers, "I love 
you." A divine & glorious moment about to arrive. A Promise ready to be 
fulfilled. "Now!" cried out God. "Now!" cried out all of heaven. "Now!" 
she cried out. And with all the strength she could amass, she brought 
forth God's greatest Gift. 

With lightening speed the inconceivable took place! The Word Of God had 
clothed Himself in humanity. He gave up a celestial throne, exchanging 
it for a wooden manger. He left behind absolute power, trading it for 
faith & obedience. 

He left behind all of His glory and exchanged it for humility. He had 
willingly left all behind to consummate God's love. With his first 
breath, Yeshua (Jesus) brought heaven to earth, and made the Father's 
love visible for all to see. 

Love, grace and forgiveness was made touchable. All of God's love rested 
in this tiny newborn infant, Yeshua. Love gave up its wings and took on 
skin, fingers and toes. Love gave up sovereignty to dwell among us. 

Love became the ransom for mankind's freedom, his salvation. Love fit 
the needs of every man, woman and child, perfectly. Love rejoiced that 
night, in angel songs and good will towards man. Love had fulfilled 
His promise to all mankind. 

It was a miraculous night, a holy night. A young woman tenderly holds 
a newborn son next to her heart. A stepfather, looks upon his family 
with tears welding in his eyes, vowing to ever love and protect them both. 

Delicate infant fingers reach out towards mankind. And written upon His 
precious heart was the following message: "Please accept my beloved Son 
as a symbol of my everlasting love." 

Signed, Your Heavenly Father. 

By Suzanne M. Nichols
All Rights Reserved


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