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The Ticking Watch


We attend a local church in a small town. One dear lady that had 
attended our services for as long as I can remember had recently 
passed away. She was well known to our congregation and well loved.
After church this particular Sunday I had suggested that we drop 
by the funeral home to pay our respects to "Ms. Allene" as she was
so lovingly known. After arriving at the funeral home and speaking 
with a few friends and relatives, I suggested to my 10 year old son 
that we walk to the casket to see "Ms. Allene's" smiling face one 
last time. 

As my son and I stood at the casket he asked, "Dad, is Ms. Allene 
dead"? I replied, "Yes son, Ms. Allene's dead". He gave me a puzzled
look and turned and said, "But Dad, her watch is still ticking". I 
noticed the watch on her wrist and it was just ticking away as it 
should be.

I immediately thought this was very symbolic of her spiritual life. 
I then explained to my son that even though her physical body had 
died, her spiritual body continued to live on and keep on ticking 
just like the watch on her wrist. 

By Mike Berlin


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