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The Smallest Gift


Rev. Chalfant tells of a couple who were celebrating their golden 
wedding anniversary. The husband was asked what the secret was to
his successful marriage. As the elderly are wont to do, the old 
gentleman answered with a story. 

His wife, Sarah, was the only girl he ever dated. He grew up in an 
orphanage and worked hard for everything he had. He never had time 
to date until Sarah swept him off his feet. Before he knew it she 
had managed to get him to ask her to marry him. 

After they had said their vows on the wedding day, Sarah's father took 
the new groom aside and handed him a small gift. He said, "Within 
this gift is all you really need to know to have a happy marriage." 
The nervous young man fumbled with the paper and ribbon until he 
got the package unwrapped. 

Within the box lay a large gold watch. With great care he picked it 
up. Upon close examination he saw etched across the face of the watch 
a prudent reminder he would see whenever he checked the time of 
day...words that, if heeded, held the secret to a successful marriage.
They were, "Say something nice to Sarah."

By Marilyn K. McAuley


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